Dog Bite Prevention

best practice for the parcel delivery industry


Homes have at least one dog

People bitten by dogs each year

Dog bites treated in the ER daily

More dog bite ER visits in rural areas

Avg. Dog Bite Liability Claim Cost

Does your company’s dog bite prevention strategy meet Midwestern’s Best Practices Standard?


  • The policyholder has documented dog bite prevention training that is consistently provided to new-hire employees before they are permitted to deliver packages and to all employees at least annually.
  • The new-hire/annual dog bite prevention training must include the following
    • Amazon/FedEx non-delivery policy and protocols for avoiding situations in which an aggressive dog is believed to be present.
    • Canine postures as a means of assessing the situation.
    • Employee’s posture in relation to the canine.
    • How to evaluate a delivery location for signs of a dog.
    • Guidance for opening gates and approaching front doors.
    • Guidance for leaving a property after making a delivery.
    • Defense against an attack.
  • The policyholder reinforces core dog bite prevention training content verbally and/or through distribution of print materials at least monthly.
  • The policyholder provides and documents remedial dog bite prevention training for employees who have not mastered core training content.
  • The policyholder provides annual subrogation training for employees, supervisory staff and management.


Online Training by Bulli Ray

In an effort to prevent our policyholders from adding to the dog bite statistics listed above, Midwestern Insurance Alliance has developed a best practices standard for Amazon DSP’s and FedEx ISPs.

At the core of this best practices standard is an effective and thorough training program that is delivered consistently to all employees during the new-hire orientation process.

To that end, Midwestern Insurance Alliance has partnered with Bulli Ray (a nationally recognized provider of occupational dog bite safety training). This online training program teaches not only prevention, but safety measures if there is an encounter, and what to do if it escalates to an all out attack.

Midwestern’s relationship with Bulli Ray affords workers’ compensation policyholders of Midwestern Insurance Alliance access to this online training program at a discounted rate of $24 /seat.

BULLI RAY Online Training Content

Knowledge and awareness give your employees the power to avoid or safely handle their interaction with dogs in their daily activities. Reduce your incidences of dog bite encounters by giving your employees the tools and knowledge they need when they need it. The Bulli Ray online training program consists of ten 5-6 minute modules with a bank of questions and interactive scenarios to help reinforce the training concepts.

Canine/Human Postures

Are you aware of the importance of posturing to avoid animal bites? Human postures & canine postures both play a major and vital role to the outcome of a potentially dangerous canine encounter. Most of the time, you can actually spot signs of an impending dog attack just by paying attention!

Approaching the Front Door

Aggression in dogs is an instinct that is the result of stimulation or agitation. Much of the time, dog aggression can be flipped on just as easily as turning on a light switch! Things you are doing could be stimulating a dog, and raising aggression, without you even realizing it!

Employee Interaction with Customers and Their Dogs

Did you know that you are far more likely to be bitten by a dog when their owner is present? This little known fact is the reason why this training module is extremely important to pay attention too.

While in the Home

Being inside the house with an animal can be extremely dangerous. Remember that dog bites are far more common when their owners are present, and being in the home puts you right in the center of the family, and you are in the dog’s territory. Not only are you vulnerable because of the circumstance, you are vulnerable because of the layout – there are far fewer exits and opportunities to flee from an aggressive dog when you are inside. This training module will teach users how to use commanding language when a dog is acting unsavory; it will also teach you how to adequately communicate with the dog’s owners in order to get them to help you work in a safer environment while in their home. Users even learn how to prevent injury if a contained dog has escaped and is coming after the “intruder”.


I-Messages are an effective and powerful tool that everyone possesses that will reduce canine aggression. What an I-Message means is the way you present your thoughts, feelings, concerns etc.

Making a Safe Exit

Once you have arrived to the property, evaluated the situation, and made it on the site safely – you have only concurred half of the task. Now that your business is done, and it is time to leave, you must make a safe exit from the site – that seems a lot easier than it actually is! Did you know that exiting the home or yard is actually one of the most dangerous times during your visit?

Site Evaluation

Site evaluation is the process of becoming aware of your surroundings. When you become aware of the layout of the site, and the presence of animals and other dangers, you will be able to address them appropriately. This training module teaches users how to determine if there is indeed one or more dogs on the property – even if the dogs are not clearly viable right away. It also shows viewers how to identify the safest routes of entry and exit of the property- and how to be forward thinking in case there are any surprises.

Defense Against a Single Dog Attack

After you have completed the previous training modules, you will possess the knowledge and skills needed to prevent a dog attack. However, it does happen from time to time that someone is faced with a dog attack- either because they have not applied their training techniques properly, or because they are very new to the situations and are unsure of what to do. Either way, coming face to face with a dangerous dog does mean that there is no way to avoid being bit at that point. Even if you are bit, it is crucial that you understand how to get the dog to stop attacking you. This module discusses the techniques to fend off a dog in full attack mode, as well as how to use the canine’s weaknesses to break free from their attack.

Entering the Yard

As a visitor to the site, entering the dog’s yard can change how to canine will react to your presence. Once you enter the yard, you are on the dog’s turf, and it is time to conduct yourself in a way that will not increase the likelihood of a dog bite or full on attack.

Defense Against a Pack Attack

Facing a pack attack from a group of dogs can be extremely terrifying. Making the wrong move can set them into action – an event that can be extremely gruesome and very dangerous to a person. Many people have suffered long-lasting injuries and even death as a result of a canine pack attack. This event can be prevented most of the time, even if an attack seems imminent. While users are on this training module, they will be reminded about human and canine postures, and how they apply while facing a pack attack. They will also learn about pack behavior, and pack trigger points in order to understand why packs of dogs would attack together. Users will learn how to use this information in order to survive and escape a dog pack attack.

NOTE: The BULLI RAY online training program does not include address Amazon DSP or FedEx ISP policies or protocols. As such this training will need to be supplemented with that content to meet Midwestern’s Best Practices Standard.

Deterrent and Defensive Products

Although providing employees with defensive or deterrent products are NOT advocated as a substitution for effective employee training, many DSP and ISP contractors supplement employee training with such devices. As such, Midwestern Insurance Alliance has negotiated discounts for its workers’ compensation policyholders for the products listed below.


The Dog Stopper pop action umbrella is a great tool to use in the field to scare away dogs. The pop in this umbrella will scare most dogs away with just a few quick open and close motions.

The Dog-Stopper Umbrella is intended to be kept closed until the dog approaches and is 6 to 8ft away. Then it is intended to be repeatedly opened/closed until the dog moves away.

The Dog-Stopper Umbrella is lightweight and easy to carry under your arm for quick and easy access.


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A dog will bite the first thing that he comes to, so this is a great tool for employees to put between them and an attacking dog. The Dog Bite Stick is available is constructed of SCH #40 PVC and is available in 2 ft. and 2.5 ft. lengths. The Dog Bite Baton is also available in both 2 ft. and 2.5 ft. lengths and is constructed of a solid nylon rod that will not break under the powerful clamping force of a canine. Also available is a mini (13-inch version) with a magnetic belt clip, which enables users to keep their hands free until threatened.


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The main reason sprays work on some dogs is because of the spray action. The dog is scared off by the spray before the smell. The smell is secondary. This product is just as effective as pepper spray on dogs but safe for employees. After all, you don’t want to worry about an employee spraying an attacking dog and accidentally spraying themselves and suffering the effects of pepper spray or Halt. Pepper spray is an inflammatory. It causes immediate closing of the eyes, difficulty breathing, runny nose, and coughing. The duration of its effects depends on the strength of the spray but the average full effect lasts around thirty to forty-five minutes, with diminished effects lasting for hours.  This will not happen with SprayShield. A can of SprayShield is easily fits into the pockets.


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Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the DAZER II  produces a discomforting but not harmful high powered sound, audible to dogs but not to humans. Help stop the approach of unwanted dogs at up to 20 feet.

Made of lightweight high impact plastic, the DAZER II  includes a belt clip and low battery indicator,


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